Monthly Archives: January 2009

World poverty in Obama’s inauguration speech

Would global poverty feature in the new president’s inauguration speech? Yes it did, but let’s hope that Barack Obama adopts rather less biblical language when it comes to real policy.

Questioning the happy ending to Slumdog Millionaire

Setting the final scene of Slumdog Millionaire in Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus unwittingly links the film with the recent terrorism outrage. Can the “war on terror” hope to end as happily as the film?

Raising awareness of needs for safe sanitation

Rich countries continue to improve their standards in sanitation whilst billions lack even rudimentary facilities. All that poverty campaigners can do is try to raise awareness of the divide.

The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie

Syria has a thriving industry in the design and manufacture of imaginative women’s lingerie. A new book “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie” reveals much about women’s freedom in the Arab world.

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