Monthly Archives: February 2009

The decadence of chewing gum removal

In Costa Rica, municipal authorities compete with each other to plant the most trees. UK cities seem to be more concerned about removal of chewing gum from the pavements. Does this reflect cultural diversity or just muddled priorities?

Searching for a new economic and social model

As the nationalisation of major banks looks increasingly likely, the World Social Forum is promoting a “new economic and social model”. It’s always informative to revisit Cuba when assessing the strengths and weaknesses of socialist ideals.

Mobile Revolutions in the Developing World

In the same week, OneWorld UK gave presentations at the World Economic Forum in Davos and in the state of Bauchi in northern Nigeria. Pioneering applications of mobile phone technology are the common factor.

The different definitions of decent work

We’re seeing a lot of headlines about global unemployment. But is it really “global” or just a measure of problems for the richer countries?

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