Monthly Archives: March 2009

G20 summit: excluded African voices

The G20 London summit is unrepresentative of the poorest countries who will be most affected by decisions about the world economy. Here’s a selection of what African leaders have to say.

How can poor countries fight the credit crunch?

Anger is brewing amongst African governments as their economies are undermined by a crisis for which they are not responsible. They lack the monetary tools available to countries attending the G20 London Summit.

Tanzania: success story in development?

Tanzania is often described as a development success story in Africa. It doesn’t look that way if you study the facts of life for the poor.

Gandhian values in the economic crisis

Our sense of values continues to rotate in the spin-dryer. On the same day that Gandhi’s spectacles sell for millions, the Bank of England decides that money is worthless.

Data collection problems in developing countries

William the Conqueror was a thousand years ahead of his time. As the lack of accurate data undermines the Millennium Development Goals, we can see how the Domesday Book was a model for development planning in its day.

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