Monthly Archives: May 2009

There’s only one festival of economics

Economic troubles have dominated 2009. The Trento Festival of Economics therefore enjoys pole position in the European festival season. Its imaginative programme Identity and Global Crisis addresses questions affecting us all.

Low carbon behaviour needs the selfish gene

What are the most effective strategies to inspire the behaviour change necessary to counter global warming? Less government intervention and more personal freedom might be the answer.

More substance to Nepal than Gurkha sideshow

The fall of Prachanda’s government has no direct connection with the controversial treatment of Gurkha veterans in the UK. But our domestic political dramas should not overshadow the significance of poverty reduction and stability in Nepal.

Sri Lanka forgoes tsunami goodwill

The tragedy of the 2004 tsunami brought peace to Aceh after 30 years of conflict. In very similar circumstances, why did Sri Lanka take the opposite approach and abandon reconciliation?

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