Monthly Archives: June 2009

UK climate projections betray Copenhagen agenda

The new UK climate projections published by the Met Office Hadley Centre are a valuable risk management tool for policymakers. But they also speak volumes about the global failure to protect poor countries from climate change.

Children’s rights mirror the global divide

Laws to protect children from sexual abuse in the UK are advanced and actively implemented. The absence of such laws in many developing countries is a major concern to human rights campaigners.

Digital learning and global poverty

School textbooks are history, says Arnold Schwarzenegger. That’s good news for publishers such as OneWorld but do youngsters have adequate concentration spans in the online environment?

Time to burst Dambisa’s bubble

Critics of Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid are missing the point. Worse still, by conducting the debate on her territory, they provide fodder for the anti-aid media circus and damage prospects for the Copenhagen climate change negotiations.

Assorted omens for Copenhagen climate agreement

The mood of last week’s World Business Summit on Climate Change was positive that climate negotiators will reach agreement in Copenhagen in December. But US Energy Secretary, Steven Chu, appears to be in hasty retreat from election promises.

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