Monthly Archives: July 2009

Sri Lanka finesses its IMF loan

Over the last year the Sri Lankan government has upset UN agencies, outraged human rights groups and insulted European ministers. Why has the IMF agreed to a $2.6 billion loan facility?

Shipping emissions inflated by Cape route

Can the International Maritime Organization be taken seriously by climate change negotiators when its ships choose to sail from Europe around the Cape of Good Hope rather than through the Suez Canal?

Media ignores Millennium Development Goals report

The outcome of the G8 summit was disappointing for poverty reduction and climate change. Perhaps we are to blame for not drawing more attention to the annual progress report on the Millennium Development Goals published in advance of the summit.

Wimbledon roof snubs index insurance

The new sliding roof over the Wimbledon Centre Court represents an extreme and expensive example of adapting to climate uncertainties. Low cost index insurance is a valuable tool for poor farmers but can it work if climate becomes even less predictable?

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