Monthly Archives: August 2009

Comparing notes on HIV/AIDS and climate change

The characteristics of HIV/AIDS and climate change could not be more different. But there are remarkable similarities in the reluctance to change human behaviour that both crises have encountered.

Blair unfit to lead Europe on climate change

On a visit to China last week, Tony Blair said that encouraging people to reduce flying and driving is not an appropriate response to climate change. This is not good enough for a prospective president of the European Union.

Curse of St.Swithun foils climate adaptation

Adapting to a warmer climate in the UK brings the promise of Mediterranean pleasures. Whilst poor countries will struggle with food production, we can look forward to consuming more of it outdoors.

Global poverty needs global priority

The new OneWorld Global Poverty Guide strives to inject new energy into the reordering of global priorities that is needed more than ever to create a fairer world.

Global postcode lottery for school meals

Despite promises by G8 leaders to prioritise food security, the World Food Programme is in trouble with its budget for 2009. Cuts in school feeding programmes highlight the contrast with school meals provided in richer countries.

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