Monthly Archives: November 2009

Public image of aid threatens climate talks

Critics of the aid industry point to Kenya where rampant government corruption has not stopped the aid flowing. If the Copenhagen talks are to succeed, we need more positive attitudes towards aid.

No more World Food Summits please

The World Summit on Food Security refused to commit to the eradication of hunger by 2025. How can the urgent agendas for human development and climate change advance without this essential foundation?

Climate and sanitation: partners in shame

It may seem far-fetched but success stories in changing sanitation behaviour in developing countries might offer insights for the difficult transition to low carbon lifestyles for the rich.

Deforestation: to be or not to be?

There are good grounds for pessimism on prospects for saving the rainforests. But the link with climate change creates new hope that two environmental calamities can be addressed together.

What if there had been no banking crisis?

Climate change and food security negotiations are stumbling over the reluctance of rich countries to stump up the costs. They have thrown all their resources at a bunch of bankrupt banks.

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