Monthly Archives: December 2009

Make haste for IPCC Fifth Assessment

Climate change sceptics tell us not to worry so much whilst many respected scientists such as James Lovelock warn that it’s too late. We won’t know who to believe until the science improves.

Fairtrade gambles its reputation

The Fairtrade Foundation has offered certification to Kit Kat bars sold in UK and Ireland. Is this a brave step for poverty reduction in Côte d’Ivoire or an unwise Christmas present to Nestlé?

Time to snap out of the two degree trance

Vulnerable nations such as Tuvalu made some progress at Copenhagen last week in questioning the right of rich countries to regard two degrees as the safe limit of global warming. More momentum could scupper the talks.

Climate march treads the footsteps of fear

The Wave climate change protest in London created the opportunity to reflect whether the city’s experience of terrorist attacks carries any message for tackling global warming.

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