Monthly Archives: February 2010

Connecting rural India then and now

The closure of the Redcar blast furnace in Teesside is an ironic reversal of colonial power relations between Britain and India. But India’s industrialists cannot rest easy until their wealth stimulates the rural economy.

The shock doctrine of climate activism

Never let a good crisis go to waste is the inspiration of the Robin Hood Tax campaign. Does this imply that climate change campaigners must bide their time until the next Hurricane Katrina?

Zuma stirs the HIV hornets

2010 is a year of reckoning in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The personal affairs of President Zuma of South Africa continue to provoke controversy.

Car ownership and the climate

For climate change campaigners, the purchase of new car raises awkward questions. Is it a threat to credibility or an opportunity to support the best available technologies?

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