Monthly Archives: March 2010

Innospec verdict rumbles BAE pact

Lord Justice Thomas has delivered a body blow to the strategy of the UK Serious Fraud Office for dealing with corporate corruption. Higher standards of prosecution in the UK could strengthen the credibility of our aid conditions imposed on developing countries.

McKibben can revive moody Monbiot

George Monbiot sounds very depressed at recent events. Bill McKibben of seems inspired. Perhaps the two should compare notes.

Europe searches for democracy in Google algorithm

Google may be in trouble with the European Commission for airbrushing its competitors from search results. What matters more for ordinary people is the quality of the results themselves.

Do-it-yourself climate forecasting

Climate change scientists may be adopting new tactics in the fightback against scepticism. The weather is already changing so rapidly that we don’t need those complicated predictions of the future.

Europeans fish for biofuels in Senegal

Egged on by European energy companies, Senegal has ambitious plans for producing biodiesel from jatropha. The country also targets self-sufficiency in food. Is there a contradiction here?

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