Monthly Archives: May 2010

Online journalism let down by ad agencies

Access to the Times Online is no longer free, a significant setback for the founding principles of the internet. Stuck in its 20th century attitudes, online newspaper advertising is a likely culprit.

Niger food crisis and climate change

We should not blame climate change for the current food security crisis in the West African Sahel region. But a study of the circumstances in Niger raises awkward questions.

Another good crisis goes to waste

The euro currency rescue forced dramatic U-turns from Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Trichet, with President Obama in the background. Why did global poverty campaigners have nothing to say?

The airport queue dilemma

We must be thankful that the terrorist crime in Times Square failed in its purpose. But many of the tensions between counter-terrorism strategies and civil liberties are back in the headlines.

African observers to pounce on UK election

We often hear critical reports on the conduct of African elections by international observers. If the tables were turned, what might a team of Africans have to say about the UK general election?

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