Monthly Archives: June 2010

No poetry in ocean acidification

Scientific reports seem to be better at communicating the threat of ocean acidification than environmental NGOs. No wonder UN negotiations on emissions reductions take no notice of the subject.

Climate sceptics should try economics

One moment governments are spending their way out of recession; the next moment they’re imposing austerity cuts of historic proportions. The science of economics is in a far bigger mess than climate science.

Obama BP tirade opens door to climate reparations

President Obama may be winning votes by piling up the oil spill compensation costs for BP. But is he creating a precedent for environmental damages that climate change activists can exploit?

Africa tackles soccer and climate change

Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte-d’Ivoire, Ghana and South Africa are sub-Saharan Africa’s representatives in the World Cup finals. They also have in common the threat of flooding by rising tides.

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