Monthly Archives: February 2011

Mukherjee budget menaces Indian forests

India is the first major economy to present an annual budget since the disruption of oil production in Libya. Plans for the economy in 2011/12 revealed earlier today surprised observers by making no provision for volatile oil prices.

G20 ministers reject calls for climate justice

Proposals for a global financial transaction tax to help the development of poor countries affected by climate change have been ignored by the world’s leading finance ministers.

Hillary Clinton backs move to end hidden hunger

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has endorsed efforts by world food experts to improve coordination between agriculture, nutrition and health programmes. “This issue cuts to the core of a global crisis that demands action,” she said.

UN Year of Forests stumbles in first week

Last Wednesday’s UN launch of the International Year of Forests has been tempered by disagreement over global plans for their protection. The flames of criticism have been fanned by reports of irregularities in pilot projects to reduce deforestation in Guyana and Indonesia.

Sachs defends Pachauri against Murdoch propaganda

Professor Jeffrey Sachs, the outspoken Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, has accused the News Corporation media empire of conducting a year-long campaign of vilification against the head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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