Monthly Archives: March 2011

TV or not TV: that is the Nigerian question

With less than a fortnight to go before the presidential election, Nigerian voters continue to be denied the opportunity of assessing the leading candidates in a televised debate.

Developing countries bid for climate change litigation

Scientists and academics in South Asia are calling on environmental groups to campaign for international laws which would enable developing countries and their citizens to claim compensation for damages caused by global warming.

Politics dictates UK bilateral aid review

The UK International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, has a tough job in expanding UK aid when other government spending is being cut. His bilateral aid review chooses some risky partners.

In search of the bottom billion

New research published by the Washington-based Center for Global Development questions whether a core function of the World Bank in supporting poor countries is “heading toward retirement” by 2025.

Chinese ducks in a row for climate negotiations

Publication of its 12th Five Year Plan has put flesh on the bones of China’s energy pledges made in international climate change negotiations. By contrast, Congressional budget wrangling renders U.S. emissions targets less convincing by the day.

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