Monthly Archives: June 2011

Kumi unable to scale the FSC platform

A no-show by the Executive Director of Greenpeace hints at a deepening crisis between the FSC and the big environmental groups over recognition of carbon offset schemes.

How to make COP17 interesting

Could the Green Climate Fund conceivably support a programme which would increase greenhouse gas emissions?

Green economics unsettles Rio+20 prospects

Separate UN conferences held in Europe last week reached very different conclusions about the optimum speed of transition to a green, low carbon world economy.

Farms and forests must join up their plans

The global food crisis and the future of tropical forests have recently been covered in separate research and advocacy reports. It’s time to join up the two subjects.

Addis treads in Chicago footsteps

The Ethiopia Commodities Exchange is a brave initiative to hook up farmers to customers they would never find within narrow local markets.

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