Monthly Archives: July 2011

Madagascar at mercy of neo-colonial fishing plunder

A UN human rights mission to Madagascar has alleged that European and Asian exploitation of the island’s fishing grounds is comparable to the pillage of African resources by 19th century imperialists.

Malawi spells trouble for aid promises

Malawi is a scare story for Africa because President Mutharika was until very recently the donors’ pet; now he is perceived as a tyrant.

Security Council skips date with history

A rare Security Council debate on the threat posed to peace by climate change failed to spot the signficance of an equally rare declaration – of famine – in Somalia.

Todd Stern handbagged in Delhi

Todd Stern, US special envoy on climate change, has met the new Indian environment minister, Jayanthi Natarajan, to discuss the looming UN conference in Durban.

The climate change blame game

How far can we go in blaming climate change for food insecurity? Kenya poses the difficult questions.

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