Monthly Archives: August 2011

Beware the boomerang effect in climate media

Imagine you return from holiday to be confronted with an academic study which concludes that your field of work is having the opposite effect to that intended. Then you notice that the co-author is an assistant professor at the university school whose Dean happens to be the senior member of your board of directors.

Precautionary principle: dead or alive?

Faced with decisions on Hurricane Irene and the Keystone XL pipeline, the US government applies opposite application of the precautionary principle.

What does the FAO really think?

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization appears to be cautious about the potential of GM technology to develop drought-resistant maize for Africa. It’s also cautious about the potential of organic farming.

USAID program charged with seed theft in India

A genetically-modified food project funded by the US Agency for International Development faces legal action for bio-piracy offences. The National Biodiversity Authority of India has published its decision to allow the case to proceed.

Banks protected by ban on speculators

Four European countries are protecting their banks from market speculators by slapping a ban on their trading methods. No such luck for poor countries affected by food prices running out of control.

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