Monthly Archives: October 2011

Flooded Thai rice delivers wake-up call to G20

The potentially powerful Committee on World Food Security has failed to follow up recommendations on measures to control escalating world food prices. If the Committee had gathered in Bangkok, it might have reached a different conclusion.

Zambia views corruption as poverty road block

The priorities of president Michael Sata of Zambia have emerged from his first month in office. Stamping out corruption is the chosen path to good relations with international donors and to accelerated poverty reduction.

No time for tea in Malawi

A new US ambassador to Malawi has arrived in the middle of a diplomatic tussle between the two countries over the suspended Millennium Challenge Corporation grant for vital energy development. Will President Mutharika back down on his repression of civil liberties?

The emissions cost of electricity for all

Providing universal access to electricity represents justice for the poor but will increase carbon dioxide emissions. A new report suggests that the pain is worth the gain.

In search of funds to end energy poverty

The goal of providing universal access to electricity and clean cooking facilities has a high price tag. If the usual sources have dried up, could climate finance be the salvation?

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