Monthly Archives: January 2012

Another Rio banana skin for David Cameron

The Future We Want is the name of the Zero draft outcome document for the Rio+20 conference. Its content is not in line with the future the UK government wants.

African rainforests may welcome carbon traders

Speaking at a conference organised by The Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests, John Mason of the Nature Conservation Research Centre said that the Durban climate conference has given the green light to private sector finance for REDD projects in Africa. Many NGOs may not share this interpretation.

No rest for reds under the beds

“Capitalism in crisis” goes out the cry in Europe and North America. These old-fashioned debates about inequality in wealthy economies fail to connect with the real issues of the modern world.

News of climate change media death is greatly exaggerated

News media coverage of climate change issues dropped sharply again during 2011. Coverage in major US TV networks is now almost non-existent. But are we missing something here?

Aid dilemmas bypassed by Busan Partnership

UK parliamentarians have instructed Andrew Mitchell to impose conditions on foreign aid to fragile or conflict-related countries such as Rwanda and Malawi. Have they given thought to what happens to the poor when aid is withdrawn as a punishment for bad government?

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