Monthly Archives: June 2012

Rio+20 agreement puts energy poverty on global agenda

In one of its few ambitious gestures, the agreement approved by world leaders at Friday’s conclusion of the Rio+20 conference commits their support to the goal that everyone should have access to modern energy.

Coal commitments shadow Sustainable Energy For All

As public and private sector commitments rained down on the UN initiative on Sustainable Energy For All yesterday, a short phrase about fossil fuels in the now-forgotten text of the Rio+20 agreement began to make its presence felt.

Lessons of safe sanitation for clean cookstoves

There are many similarities between the provision of safe sanitation and the upgrading of traditional cookstoves in developing countries. The role of women in both challenges is fundamental and has been recognised in the Rio+20 debates.

Sustainable Energy For All heads new world order

Leaders of the UN Secretary-General’s Sustainable Energy For All initiative have held a press conference at Rio+20. Public-private partnerships are the model of the future, they say, and this is the biggest of all.

Energy poverty news: Rio+20: June 21

A medley of characters has something to say about Sustainable Energy For All as the Rio+20 conference nears its climax.

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