Monthly Archives: December 2012

Al-Attiyah entertains Doha climate negotiators

Two weeks of complex UN negotiations end in two minutes of mayhem as the excitable President of COP18, Abdullah bin Hamad Al-Attiyah, swings his gavel. “Hearing no objections, I decided.”

COP18: final day and Doha outcome

The UN climate talks in Doha finally concluded after a day of confusion, heated exchanges and ultimately drama as the COP President seized his moment. The NGO community found little to console themselves.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Dec 7th

A long day of negotiations at the UN climate talks in Doha finds parties little closer to a final agreement. A press conference called by the poorest countries explained that climate finance is the main sticking point. The NGOs seem resigned to a disappointing outcome.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Dec 6th

Passions rise as we near the climax of the Doha climate talks. NGOs plead for the Qatari hosts to inject urgency into proceedings whilst the Philippine lead negotiator, Naderev Saño, broke down in his plenary speech.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Dec 5th

Young US activists at the UN climate talks say they worked hard to get Obama re-elected and feel let down by the lack of action on climate change. Then Todd Stern surprises everyone by calling for debate on the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities.

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