Tread Softly is an educational resource, offering over 100 short briefings on topics relevant to sustainable development and global justice. These focus especially on the world’s poorest countries, striving for social and economic equality, amidst the scramble for scarce and degraded natural resources.

You can access every briefing from the menu above (or the footer menu below). The links that immediately follow are recent news stories chosen for their relevance to Tread Softly topics.


Chocolate Industry Fights Deforestation Caused by Growing Cocoa – environmental groups encourage chocolate lovers to think about the impact of cocoa on deforestation
from VOA News

Climate Displacement could reach 140 million by 2050 – a World Bank report warns that advance planning is necessary to manage the risk of widespread internal displacement driven by extreme weather events

Tread Softly Topics
Climate Justice
Energy for All
Finance for Sustainable Development
Global Poverty
Human Rights
Sustainable Development Goals
Tropical Forests
Water Scarcity


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