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Jobs for refugees in transit: the new aid conditionality

A fundamental reshaping of European and UK aid strategy may be happening under our noses, with little public scrutiny. The so-called “jobs compact” for Ethiopia announced at the UN’s September summit on refugees and migrants is a prime example but has provoked little reaction. This package of UK aid and EU soft loans would be unremarkable in its aim to create 100,000 jobs through construction of a couple of business parks, were it not for the eye-watering price tag of […]

Climate change and art: just good friends

Is this a climate change poem which I see before me? I certainly hope so, because art in all its forms has the potential to succeed, where conventional channels of communication have so spectacularly failed to convey the urgency of global warming. It’s far from certain whether Hence, a short poem by Simon Armitage commissioned for the forthcoming Winchester Poetry Festival, aspires to offer more than a supremely imaginative description of Antony Gormley’s Sound II, the much-admired life-size human figure […]

Third World Network website: treasure or trash?

Third World Network is one of the world’s most respected international NGOs. But the design of its website possibly dates from the 1990s. Does this matter?

Peak weather overcooks climate campaigns

Highlighting stories of extreme weather is a core strategy of many climate campaigns. Recent events should reinforce this strategy but is it working?

Salutary Clips from Copenhagen COP15

As world leaders descend on Paris today for the climate showdown, I couldn’t resist digging out the corresponding moments of the doomed Copenhagen COP15 in 2009, filmed by indefatigable colleagues at OneWorld. First, the grand entrance of Angela Merkel. Although the OneWorld crew* extracted only a single word from the doughty Chancellor, this was almost certainly more than she offered to anyone else, as you’ll see. In opting for economy of expression, Frau Merkel momentarily forgot that it is better […]

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