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for Tread Softly background briefings on Climate Justice

Advocacy and Campaigns

Mary Robinson Foundation – Climate Justice

TckTckTck – The Global Call for Climate Action

Pan African Climate Justice Alliance

Climate Justice Programme

News and Analysis

Climate Home

IPS News


UN Negotiations


Preamble and Text of Paris Agreement

Paris Agreement Ratification Tracker

The Climate Change Battle in Paris:  An initial analysis of the Paris COP21 and the Paris Agreement, from Third World Network

The Doha Amendment to the Kyoto Protocol from Legal Response Initiative

LDC Group at UN climate negotiations

Paris Climate Justice Briefs from Third World Network

Climate Justice

Fair Shares: A civil society equity review of INDCs

Incorporating Human Rights into Climate Action from Mary Robinson Foundation

Climate Action Tracker individual country pledges for greenhouse gas emission reductions

Turn Down the Heat: Climate Extremes, Regional Impacts, and the Case for Resilience – Executive Summary of a Report for the World Bank by the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Climate Analytics

Mapping the Impacts of Climate Change country rankings for climate impact from Center for Global Development

The equitable sharing of atmospheric development space (pdf file) analysis by Martin Khor of South Centre

Climate Justice: Equity and Justice informing a new climate agreement – from Mary Robinson Foundation and World Resources Institute

Climate Finance

Climate Finance in 2013-14 and the USD 100 billion goal, from OECD

Climate Change Finance, Analysis of a Recent OECD Report from Ministry of Finance, Government of India

Unfinished Business: How to close the post-Paris adaptation finance gap Oxfam Briefing Note

Adequate finance to deliver INDCs in LDCs from International Institute for Environment and Development

What Counts: Tools to Help Define and Understand Progress Towards the $100 Billion Climate Finance Commitment from CPI, ODI and WRI.

Adaptation Gap 2016 – from UN Environment Programme

Clean Development Mechanism

Carbon Market Watch

Climate Change and Migration

UK Climate Change and Migration Coalition

Platform on Disaster Displacement

Climate Litigation

Petition To the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines Requesting for Investigation of the Responsibility of the Carbon Majors for Human Rights Violations or Threats of Violations Resulting from the Impacts of Climate Change

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Climate Justice
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Kyoto Protocol
Paris Climate Agreement
Climate Justice and Development Goals
Climate Finance
Loss and Damage
Climate Change and Migration
Climate Litigation