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Anxious Africa awaits fallout from US downgrade

Recent years of encouraging economic performance in sub-Saharan Africa could unravel in the aftermath of the US credit rating downgrade. A flagging world economy might drag down commodity prices, dismantling the foundation of Africa’s recovery.

African silence speaks volumes

African ministers, long tormented by accusations of dysfunctional government, are so far resisting the temptation to bounce this message with United States inserted as the subject.

German diplomat probes the African question

Do African countries really have the desire or the capacity to copy western countries or the Asian tigers? A German diplomat considers the question.

Mixed messages out of Africa

Two contrasting narratives on Africa’s fragile economic development will confront heads of state gathering in Turkey for a critical UN conference on the world’s “Least Developed Countries” which starts today.

African economic growth fails the hungry

Latest world polls conducted by Gallup find that 57% of sub-Saharan Africans periodically lack sufficient money to feed their families. Gallup says the recent surge in global food prices could make matters worse.

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