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Banks protected by ban on speculators

Four European countries are protecting their banks from market speculators by slapping a ban on their trading methods. No such luck for poor countries affected by food prices running out of control.

Bonus pools plumb depths of injustice

A scandal of global inequality will unfold over coming weeks as investment banks declare their results. Without our taxes, there would have been no bonuses.

What if there had been no banking crisis?

Climate change and food security negotiations are stumbling over the reluctance of rich countries to stump up the costs. They have thrown all their resources at a bunch of bankrupt banks.

Searching for a new economic and social model

As the nationalisation of major banks looks increasingly likely, the World Social Forum is promoting a “new economic and social model”. It’s always informative to revisit Cuba when assessing the strengths and weaknesses of socialist ideals.

Whatever is necessary for the economy

Rich countries must be really scared of something if they’re prepared to find such crazy amounts to rescue their banks. “Doing whatever is necessary” betrays some painful truths about our economic priorities.

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