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UN Biodiversity Conference diminished by no-show NGOs

International green activist groups stayed away from COP11 on the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Hyderabad. Was this wise?

CBD COP11 News round-up – early October 19th

As COP11 negotiations enter the final day in Hyderabad, here’s a round up of the current state of play for UN efforts to halt the loss of biodiversity.

COP11 goes down to the wire

COP11 is scheduled to conclude in Hyderabad tomorrow. Will agreement on biodiversity finance be reached by CBD negotiators and how will it look?

Developing countries threaten to suspend Aichi Biodiversity Targets

The stakes are rising as negotiations at COP11 of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity reach their endgame in Hyderabad. Finance is the sticking point.

High-Level Panel hits biodiversity loss with cost-benefit analysis

The High-Level Panel estimate of costs of the Aichi Targets on Biodiversity presents COP11 decision-makers with a conventional economic analysis. Is this the answer for biodiversity?

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