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Clean cookstoves: the art of defence and diplomacy

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has held an event to mark China’s decision to join the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. It was a both a celebration of diplomacy and an opportunity to answer critics of cookstove projects.

Chinese ducks in a row for climate negotiations

Publication of its 12th Five Year Plan has put flesh on the bones of China’s energy pledges made in international climate change negotiations. By contrast, Congressional budget wrangling renders U.S. emissions targets less convincing by the day.

Another good crisis goes to waste

The euro currency rescue forced dramatic U-turns from Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Trichet, with President Obama in the background. Why did global poverty campaigners have nothing to say?

Shipping emissions inflated by Cape route

Can the International Maritime Organization be taken seriously by climate change negotiators when its ships choose to sail from Europe around the Cape of Good Hope rather than through the Suez Canal?

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