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Peak weather overcooks climate campaigns

Highlighting stories of extreme weather is a core strategy of many climate campaigns. Recent events should reinforce this strategy but is it working?

Oil price collapse fuels case for divestment

It may be going too far to suggest that the collapse in the price of oil was predicted by the 350.org divestment campaign, but it can only boost momentum. Prospects for Global Divestment Day on Feb 13/14 will be enhanced.

The green pen is mightier than the polar bear

If the other short stories in Beacons are half as good as Take Notice by Adam Thorpe, then this publishing venture by Stop Climate Chaos will be rewarded.

The limits of localism in climate action

“Think global, act local” is a good slogan for environmental activism. But if it’s taken too far, the essential inclusion of poorer countries may be at risk.

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