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Planet Under Pressure Conference Notes: 15th March

News about the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference, including the harassment of Richard Black and Will Steffen by climate sceptics, the travails of the minister for science, David Willetts, and news that Max Burgers will be attending.

News of climate change media death is greatly exaggerated

News media coverage of climate change issues dropped sharply again during 2011. Coverage in major US TV networks is now almost non-existent. But are we missing something here?

The Durban master class in media management

Dr Jonathan Pershing, US deputy special envoy on climate change, has the one of the world’s most difficult jobs, presenting US climate change policy to the media. His skills have been in evidence as much as ever at the UN climate talks in Durban.

Beware the boomerang effect in climate media

Imagine you return from holiday to be confronted with an academic study which concludes that your field of work is having the opposite effect to that intended. Then you notice that the co-author is an assistant professor at the university school whose Dean happens to be the senior member of your board of directors.

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