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Lord Stern makes mischief for climate finance ministerial

Lord Stern’s call to end the separation of development, mitigation and adaptation could stir up problems for Wednesday’s meeting of climate finance donors.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Dec 7th

A long day of negotiations at the UN climate talks in Doha finds parties little closer to a final agreement. A press conference called by the poorest countries explained that climate finance is the main sticking point. The NGOs seem resigned to a disappointing outcome.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Nov 27

Germenwatch releases its Global Climate Risk Index with a warning to negotiators to pay more attention to loss and damage. And David Kaluba of Zambia sets out demands for climate finance from the poorest countries.

African rainforests may welcome carbon traders

Speaking at a conference organised by The Oxford Centre for Tropical Forests, John Mason of the Nature Conservation Research Centre said that the Durban climate conference has given the green light to private sector finance for REDD projects in Africa. Many NGOs may not share this interpretation.

Climate finance has a mountain to climb in Durban

On the eve of the Durban climate conference, the usual suspects (headed by Canada) line up to undermine the Copenhagen promises of climate finance.

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