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Loss of old certainties hobbles IPCC

A comparison of the IPCC Fifth Assessment Report on the science of climate change with the First Assessment from 1990 raises some awkward questions.

Lord Stern calls for new generation of climate models

Lord Stern says that shortcomings in climate models handicap decision-making by politicians. But he concedes that new models will not be ready in time.

Give this conference the third degree on global warming

The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference is in need of a legacy. Scientists should be encouraged to say what they think about the prospects for limiting global warming to two degrees. The consequences could be profound.

Clutching at straws of climate data

Rebuilding colonial-era networks of meteorological stations is a consistent refrain of climate adaptation plans in Africa.

Hansen strikes fear into Nansen conference

Dr James Hansen had a serious message inbetween the apocalpytic scenarios of his presentation at the Nansen Conference in Oslo.

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