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Coal commitments shadow Sustainable Energy For All

As public and private sector commitments rained down on the UN initiative on Sustainable Energy For All yesterday, a short phrase about fossil fuels in the now-forgotten text of the Rio+20 agreement began to make its presence felt.

Energy poverty news for Rio+20: June 12

The French president backs sustainable energy for all; the coal lobby backs unsustainable energy for all – and there’s more peer-reviewed science announcing awkward findings about clean cookstoves.

The emissions cost of electricity for all

Providing universal access to electricity represents justice for the poor but will increase carbon dioxide emissions. A new report suggests that the pain is worth the gain.

Mukherjee budget menaces Indian forests

India is the first major economy to present an annual budget since the disruption of oil production in Libya. Plans for the economy in 2011/12 revealed earlier today surprised observers by making no provision for volatile oil prices.

Lights out in Nottingham or Nigeria?

Climate Camp protesters at Ratcliffe have a clear message. No more coal. Does this attribute of simplicity compromise the bigger picture of developing countries which lack electricity?

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