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Shell cookstove alliance tests UK charity rules

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves receives funds from both Shell and the Shell Foundation. Does this meet the public benefit test for UK charities?

Lessons of safe sanitation for clean cookstoves

There are many similarities between the provision of safe sanitation and the upgrading of traditional cookstoves in developing countries. The role of women in both challenges is fundamental and has been recognised in the Rio+20 debates.

Clean cookstoves: the art of defence and diplomacy

The Center for Strategic and International Studies has held an event to mark China’s decision to join the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. It was a both a celebration of diplomacy and an opportunity to answer critics of cookstove projects.

Energy poverty news for Rio+20: June 12

The French president backs sustainable energy for all; the coal lobby backs unsustainable energy for all – and there’s more peer-reviewed science announcing awkward findings about clean cookstoves.

Firewood and the forests

Is the collection of firewood in poor countries is a major driver of deforestation? Differences of opinion need urgent resolution.

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