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Showdown looms on UN Energy Day

Today’s UN Energy Day is the big day for the Sustainable Energy For All initiative at Rio+20. Controversy over the governance structure of the UN’s High-level Group could spoil the party.

Cargill boss loses plot over food speculators

The profits of Cargill, the US agribusiness giant, nosedived in the last quarter. The company blames speculators for distorting food commodities markets. Sound familiar?

Sarkozy clashes with UN food chief

An apparent rift with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization signals a shaky start to French ambitions for the G20 countries to tackle world food insecurity.

Corporate carbon blackmail is unethical

Big polluting companies in US and Europe are threatening to relocate if the terms of carbon trading schemes meet their disapproval. This is the unacceptable face of corporate blackmail.

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