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Zambia views corruption as poverty road block

The priorities of president Michael Sata of Zambia have emerged from his first month in office. Stamping out corruption is the chosen path to good relations with international donors and to accelerated poverty reduction.

Glencore prospectus pong

There’s something fishy about the timing of Glencore’s London flotation in relation to implementation of the UK Bribery Act.

Innospec verdict rumbles BAE pact

Lord Justice Thomas has delivered a body blow to the strategy of the UK Serious Fraud Office for dealing with corporate corruption. Higher standards of prosecution in the UK could strengthen the credibility of our aid conditions imposed on developing countries.

Public image of aid threatens climate talks

Critics of the aid industry point to Kenya where rampant government corruption has not stopped the aid flowing. If the Copenhagen talks are to succeed, we need more positive attitudes towards aid.

World poverty in Obama’s inauguration speech

Would global poverty feature in the new president’s inauguration speech? Yes it did, but let’s hope that Barack Obama adopts rather less biblical language when it comes to real policy.

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