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No rest for reds under the beds

“Capitalism in crisis” goes out the cry in Europe and North America. These old-fashioned debates about inequality in wealthy economies fail to connect with the real issues of the modern world.

Durban Decides

While the Durban climate conference struggles to compromise on even the most trivial detail, the world’s great powers cooperate seamlessly in saving the financial system, again.

HIPC has a new address

Remember those years when rich countries imposed tough conditions on Africa for debt relief? Now the tables are turning.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, twice

Yesterday’s panic in the financial markets has conjured a repeat of that sense of things falling apart – with no answers ready from any quarter.

Bonus pools plumb depths of injustice

A scandal of global inequality will unfold over coming weeks as investment banks declare their results. Without our taxes, there would have been no bonuses.

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