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Jobs for refugees in transit: the new aid conditionality

A fundamental reshaping of European and UK aid strategy may be happening under our noses, with little public scrutiny. The so-called “jobs compact” for Ethiopia announced at the UN’s September summit on refugees and migrants is a prime example but has provoked little reaction. This package of UK aid and EU soft loans would be unremarkable in its aim to create 100,000 jobs through construction of a couple of business parks, were it not for the eye-watering price tag of […]

Aid dilemmas bypassed by Busan Partnership

UK parliamentarians have instructed Andrew Mitchell to impose conditions on foreign aid to fragile or conflict-related countries such as Rwanda and Malawi. Have they given thought to what happens to the poor when aid is withdrawn as a punishment for bad government?

Addis treads in Chicago footsteps

The Ethiopia Commodities Exchange is a brave initiative to hook up farmers to customers they would never find within narrow local markets.

Getting better maybe

Fashionable selections of development success stories should be qualified by the reality that data collection in Africa is slow and unreliable.

Politics dictates UK bilateral aid review

The UK International Development Secretary, Andrew Mitchell, has a tough job in expanding UK aid when other government spending is being cut. His bilateral aid review chooses some risky partners.

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