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Economics rocks

Is a Festival of Economics an oxymoron or is the annual event held in Trento something special?

Trento examines the borders of economic freedom

The 6th annual Festival of Economics opens next week in the Italian city of Trento. “The Borders of Economic Freedom” will be debated by a wide range of distinguished speakers, including Amartya Sen, Vaclav Havel, Dani Rodrik and William Easterly.

Online journalism let down by ad agencies

Access to the Times Online is no longer free, a significant setback for the founding principles of the internet. Stuck in its 20th century attitudes, online newspaper advertising is a likely culprit.

There’s only one festival of economics

Economic troubles have dominated 2009. The Trento Festival of Economics therefore enjoys pole position in the European festival season. Its imaginative programme Identity and Global Crisis addresses questions affecting us all.

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