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Data revolution tested by African growth riddle

Investors believe that Africa is the growth continent. But new UN hunger figures tell a different story. Is this a case of bad growth or bad poverty data?

Diary clash for world food and biodiversity talks

Negotiations on the UN Convention on Biological Diversity may stumble over finance. World food talks in Rome in the same week have similar problems. Agriculture and biodiversity are closely linked. Why have such separate meetings?

Global relationships in urgent need of warming

Senior politicians and business leaders are not talking to the scientists or development experts. The Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference warns that this is a recipe for failure at Rio+20. But the participants have their own communication barriers too.

Conference notes: 26th March

Miscellaneous reflections on the first day of the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference, embracing Lord Giddens, Twitter and Wordsworth.

From famine to fondue: Sheeran joins WEF

The first week of the new year has brought changes at the top of the world’s two most important organisations responsible for tackling global hunger. The head of the World Food Programme. Josette Sheeran, is joining the World Economic Forum, a creative shift of focus from the poor to the rich.

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