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Zambia views corruption as poverty road block

The priorities of president Michael Sata of Zambia have emerged from his first month in office. Stamping out corruption is the chosen path to good relations with international donors and to accelerated poverty reduction.

No time for tea in Malawi

A new US ambassador to Malawi has arrived in the middle of a diplomatic tussle between the two countries over the suspended Millennium Challenge Corporation grant for vital energy development. Will President Mutharika back down on his repression of civil liberties?

Population growth will not wait for US recovery

The eventual resolution of the US 2012 budget for foreign aid is unlikely to show mercy to international NGOs involved with population issues. Meanwhile, the stories of urgent family planning needs in developing countries keep coming.

Friend or foe of Rwanda?

The UK government lavishes funds on Rwanda but others feel rather differently about the repressive reputation of the Paul Kagame government.

Malawi spells trouble for aid promises

Malawi is a scare story for Africa because President Mutharika was until very recently the donors’ pet; now he is perceived as a tyrant.

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