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Lessons of safe sanitation for clean cookstoves

There are many similarities between the provision of safe sanitation and the upgrading of traditional cookstoves in developing countries. The role of women in both challenges is fundamental and has been recognised in the Rio+20 debates.

Energy poverty news: Rio+20: June 13

Radical civil society groups are calling for the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All Initiative to be rejected. In complete contrast, three UN leaders explain why energy access is so crucial to development, and to women in particular.

The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie

Syria has a thriving industry in the design and manufacture of imaginative women’s lingerie. A new book “The Secret Life of Syrian Lingerie” reveals much about women’s freedom in the Arab world.

Violence against women in western culture

As Bond fiddles with his mobile internet gadget in the latest movie, which OneWorld Guide would be given that magical half second of screen-time? The Gender Guide is an unlikely candidate, given the denial of violence against women in western culture.

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