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Global postcode lottery for school meals

Despite promises by G8 leaders to prioritise food security, the World Food Programme is in trouble with its budget for 2009. Cuts in school feeding programmes highlight the contrast with school meals provided in richer countries.

Wimbledon roof snubs index insurance

The new sliding roof over the Wimbledon Centre Court represents an extreme and expensive example of adapting to climate uncertainties. Low cost index insurance is a valuable tool for poor farmers but can it work if climate becomes even less predictable?

UK climate projections betray Copenhagen agenda

The new UK climate projections published by the Met Office Hadley Centre are a valuable risk management tool for policymakers. But they also speak volumes about the global failure to protect poor countries from climate change.

Children’s rights mirror the global divide

Laws to protect children from sexual abuse in the UK are advanced and actively implemented. The absence of such laws in many developing countries is a major concern to human rights campaigners.

Scratching the surface of inequality

Governments are responding to public disgust at financial greed by increasing taxes for high earners. But it’s a reminder that becoming a little less rich does not address extreme global inequalities.

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