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Scientists shrink from the economics of ecosystems

We all know that GDP is unfit for the purpose of measuring progress. Should scientists at the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference be doing more to promote the research results of The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)?

Luddite spirit invoked by alternative Planet Under Pressure conference

Inspired by the bicentenary of the Luddite rebellion, the Rio+20 Teach-in is an event that questions the concept of a green economy and provokes the science establishment gathering at the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference.

Rio+20: notes for scientists: 12th March

News about the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development relevant to the science community, covering Sha Zukang, Christiana Figueres, A Date With History and the Nine Principles of a Green Economy.

Doughnut can ease birth pangs of the green economy

The idea of a green economy has proved to be a reform too far for the Rio+20 summit preparations. Poor countries need solutions that tackle development as well as protect the environment.

Green economics unsettles Rio+20 prospects

Separate UN conferences held in Europe last week reached very different conclusions about the optimum speed of transition to a green, low carbon world economy.

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