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Conference notes: 27th March

A potential setback on Day 2 of the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference. The UN’s preparatory negotiations for Rio+20 are not following the script.

No time for tea in Malawi

A new US ambassador to Malawi has arrived in the middle of a diplomatic tussle between the two countries over the suspended Millennium Challenge Corporation grant for vital energy development. Will President Mutharika back down on his repression of civil liberties?

Bangladesh looks both ways on human rights

In its most recent MDG Progress Report Bangladesh has explicitly analysed the connection between human rights and poverty in the context of the MDGs.

The airport queue dilemma

We must be thankful that the terrorist crime in Times Square failed in its purpose. But many of the tensions between counter-terrorism strategies and civil liberties are back in the headlines.

Fairtrade gambles its reputation

The Fairtrade Foundation has offered certification to Kit Kat bars sold in UK and Ireland. Is this a brave step for poverty reduction in Côte d’Ivoire or an unwise Christmas present to Nestlé?

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