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USAID program charged with seed theft in India

A genetically-modified food project funded by the US Agency for International Development faces legal action for bio-piracy offences. The National Biodiversity Authority of India has published its decision to allow the case to proceed.

Todd Stern handbagged in Delhi

Todd Stern, US special envoy on climate change, has met the new Indian environment minister, Jayanthi Natarajan, to discuss the looming UN conference in Durban.

Vandana Shiva calls for end to Indian seed poker

The Indian scientist and environmental activist, Dr Vandana Shiva, has taunted the world’s major biotechnology companies for adopting crop seed research methods which require no more skills than betting in a lottery.

Let’s get real about two degrees

The first major publication of the Indian Network for Climate Change Assessment predicts a worryingly high average temperature rise for the region.

Developing countries bid for climate change litigation

Scientists and academics in South Asia are calling on environmental groups to campaign for international laws which would enable developing countries and their citizens to claim compensation for damages caused by global warming.

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