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Test for alliances at Durban climate talks

Is Africa split over future of the Kyoto Protocol? Can REDD survive without a second commitment period? Are the BASIC countries singing from the same hymn sheet on climate change? Key questions for the climate talks next week.

Developing countries bid for climate change litigation

Scientists and academics in South Asia are calling on environmental groups to campaign for international laws which would enable developing countries and their citizens to claim compensation for damages caused by global warming.

Do we really love the Kyoto Protocol?

Is the Kyoto Protocol as important as NGO campaigners claim? Why not concentrate efforts on improving the Copenhagen Accord? The UN climate change conference in Cancún must resolve its divisions over the shape of a long term agreement.

No retreat from Kyoto, says UK Chief Scientist

The UK will respect its Kyoto Protocol obligations and will play a full role in forthcoming negotiations on how a successor treaty could control greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change after 2012, says the government’’s Chief Scientific Adviser.

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