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Lessons of loss and damage for climate policy change

The Doha COP18 negotiations took a step towards compensating poorer countries for climate damages. How critical was the influence of Hurricane Sandy?

COP18: NGOs propose mechanism for loss and damage

At the UN climate talks in Doha, a group of leading NGOs reports on why adaptation to climate change has limits and that we have to face up to the implications of loss and damage caused by extreme events.

COP18 Doha UN climate talks Nov 27

Germenwatch releases its Global Climate Risk Index with a warning to negotiators to pay more attention to loss and damage. And David Kaluba of Zambia sets out demands for climate finance from the poorest countries.

Durban climate talks must grapple with loss and damage

Progress on the implications of loss and damage arising from climate change has been slow since the 2010 Cancun climate conference. The 2011 Durban round may come under pressure.

Hansen strikes fear into Nansen conference

Dr James Hansen had a serious message inbetween the apocalpytic scenarios of his presentation at the Nansen Conference in Oslo.

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