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No value in global poverty guesswork

Publication of the progress report on the UN Millennium Development Goals is the time of year to ask whether momentum for the 2015 targets is really there.

Bangladesh looks both ways on human rights

In its most recent MDG Progress Report Bangladesh has explicitly analysed the connection between human rights and poverty in the context of the MDGs.

Media ignores Millennium Development Goals report

The outcome of the G8 summit was disappointing for poverty reduction and climate change. Perhaps we are to blame for not drawing more attention to the annual progress report on the Millennium Development Goals published in advance of the summit.

Tanzania: success story in development?

Tanzania is often described as a development success story in Africa. It doesn’t look that way if you study the facts of life for the poor.

Whatever is necessary for the economy

Rich countries must be really scared of something if they’re prepared to find such crazy amounts to rescue their banks. “Doing whatever is necessary” betrays some painful truths about our economic priorities.

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